• Music for healing, relaxation, meditation and escape


Illuminaura is an electronic New Age/Ambient music project from Faye Weber, created with the intention of bringing healing, relaxation and escape to the world.

With musical talent running through both sides of her family, Faye began playing the piano and keyboard since before the age of five, writing her own songs, and with an excellent ear for music, learning to play her favorite songs from other artists, solely "by ear". She often would play songs on the piano along with her grandfather as he played his guitar, and always made up songs on the piano to share with him. 

She later took four years of formal piano lessons spanning from 1994-1998 and was actively writing music through 2000.

After a long break, she felt a calling to get back to composing music that reflects her spirituality and further fulfills her purpose to bring light and healing to the planet.

Faye has been a huge fan of New Age and Ambient music for 20 years, and while she may be influenced by some of her favorite artists, her music overall is an expression of her own creativity and consciousness. 

In addition to her musical talents, she is also an intuitive medium and healing practitioner at Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, her own practice located in New Jersey.

All music is composed and performed by Faye unless otherwise noted.

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